At MG Clean & Green, professional janitorial and hotel cleaning services include more than mopping floors or dusting countertops—we offer customized night cleaning, commercial floor cleaning services and handyman solutions to fit the specific needs of your facility.

Here is a list of the most popular services we currently provide for your reference. MG Clean & Green is available around the clock seven days a week, committed to satisfying your needs at your request. Let us know how we may serve you.

Specialty Services

  • Professional Janitorial Services
    We are able to offer you various specialized cleaning services. To: Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Casinos / Public Venues, Grounds Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Building Maintenance.
  • Commercial Floor Cleaning Services
    Restoration and maintenance of all floor types, (Stripping, sealing, and polishing) Marble Floor, Terrazzo Floor, Linoleum Floor, Granite Floor.
  • Maintenance for All Floor Types:

    Marble, terrazzo and granite, grout cleaning.

  • Carpet & Upholstery Care
    Carpet and upholstery service that is carried out by fully trained technicians using the highest quality carpet cleaning equipment and products. We can guarantee that our cleaning service will not only prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery but will also make them look amazing.

    We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents designed specifically for your carpet type and leave your carpets residue free.

    We also offer Deodorization, Sanitation, and Disinfectants.

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